Art Commission Agreement Template

A commission contract defines the conditions of an artist who creates a work under contract. Commission contracts typically set out remarkable project data, payment plans, requirements, or project limitations and establish registration points between the artist and the curator. Australian Arts Definition Centre Model Agreement. Commission contracts can help you bring projects to life and plan your implementation process over time. A points recording contract to ensure that your art and the curator`s vision continue to coincide. Even if a project or commission is small, the Commission`s formal timelines and conditions keep your projects on track and professionally. A proposal for a work of art that describes what the commissioned work will look like. Sometimes artists add a prototype, sketch, or example of similar work. The artist is of course the party that creates art. Commission contracts give the commissioner some control and contribution to a project. 7.

Kill Fee: In circumstances where the project/commission is cancelled, the client agrees to pay a kill fee of 30% of the total commission price. The goal is to ensure that the work and time that the artist has devoted to the commission is compensated. Just as a commission contract guarantees you payment, a commission contract guarantees the commissioner tangible benefits and opportunities to support and develop his commission. A timeline, including the times scheduled for art check-ins being edited, ensures that you and your curator are on the same page. Depending on the size of the commission, there may be several times for registration. While the person or party paying for you might be familiar with your work, they have a vision of how it will come out. Make sure all parties feel good about the commission process.