Bc Reconciliation Agreements

Reconciliation and related agreements focus on briinating the socio-economic gaps that separate Indigenous peoples from other British Columbians and building a province where all citizens can participate in a prosperous economy. «Fish are essential to the culture and livelihoods of many coastal First Nations. That is why it is so important to work together and reach agreements like this one that advance fisheries management and recognize the critical partnership role that First Nations communities, such as coastal First Nations, must play. Increasing access to economic opportunities on the North and Central Coasts supports healthy, self-sustaining coastal communities in the First Nation. Listen to former Lieutenant Governor Steven Point explain to Government House the importance of reconciliation. Treaties constitutionally anchor reconciliation between: First Nations, Canada and British Columbia. Treaties are government-to-government agreements that define, define and implement a number of rights and obligations and create binding long-term commitments for both parties. Contracts negotiated through the BC negotiation process are tripartite agreements between the governments of Canada, British Columbia and a First Nation. The goal of treaties is reconciliation. The construction of a new relationship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. The certainty of this relationship is another goal. The BCTC supports reconciliation through the «Made in BC» treaty negotiation process, ensuring that the work of the parties is effective and advanced. B.C. works with Indigenous leaders, government authorities, industry, local governments and the public to support reconciliation and related agreements.

The Department of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation negotiates contracts to create economic security over the country and Crown resources and improve the lives of First Nations. Contracts and other agreements stimulate investment, create jobs and develop the economy in communities across British Columbia and provide a better quality of life for Aboriginal people. What certainty really means is «predictability,» the familiarity that develops from a story of collaboration.