Buganda Agreement

The Kabaka are expected to receive £400 a year, the Sazza chiefs £200, the three civil servants – Prime Minister, Supreme Judge and Treasurer – £300 each, while the Namasole (Chwa`s mother) is expected to receive £50. This was an annual fee levied by the tax on huts and weapons. Help me god. Not only did the British want to be the masters of the kingdom and its people, but they also wanted to have a say in who the next Kabaka would be. After the death of a Kabaka, his successor is elected by a majority of votes in Lukiiko or the Local Council. The name of the person chosen by the National Council must be submitted to Her Majesty`s Government for approval and no person may be recognized as a kabaka of Uganda, whose election has not been approved by Her Majesty`s Government,» Article 6 continues. Before the signing of the agreement, the Kabaka of Buganda chose its officials without consultation. .