Cmf Broadcaster Agreement Form

What kind of information/materials should I submit to my project? Moving to the jury system, the CMF needs for the project a pitch document of up to 2500 words. Visuals deposit is also allowed. Please do not include your company/candidate name on the pitch documents. There should be no information that you can identify as an individual. (For more information, see webinar above) What are the main eligibility criteria? Eligible applicants must have completed 10 hours of written work in one of the four genres assisted by FJA (drama, children & youth, documentary or variety & performing arts) broadcast by a Canadian channel; and has obtained a producer-level loan or, in the case of animations, a story editor credit. Do feature films count among the 10 qualifying hours? Yes. As long as the feature film falls under one of the genres supported by FJA and has been broadcast at one time or another by a Canadian channel. If I receive the funding, what results does FJA expect? The CMF estimates that the successful candidates will have about one year from the signing of the contract with the CMF to carry out services on the basis of the project outlined. The materials required depend on the amount of funding the person receives and are calculated on the basis of the rates set out in the IPA collective agreement.

The application deadline for the Canada Media Fund`s 2020-21 Early Stage Development Program is October 15. Telefilm`s Dialog submission platform is now open to this program (managed by Telefilm). Applicants should now begin to establish their submission on the platform by October 15, an accurate and complete application. FJA allocated $1.25 million to Anglophone projects and $400,000 to French projects. For each successful project, a maximum of $40,000 will be awarded. The program is also moving to a sworn system, but it`s important to remember that the final deadline for submissions is October 15 at 11:59 p.m. .m. EAST. Please read this handy FAQ if you would like to complete your application.

What is considered 10 hours of written work? CmF only accepts «Teleplay by» or «Written by» credits. If a team of authors has a «Written by» credit, any author can claim that credit and the full hours of broadcast associated with it. Do I have to be involved in the application? No no. FJA accepts applications from individuals. However, if the applicant is successful, they will have to sign the contract with FJA and receive the funds. . . .