Contoh Percakapan Agreement Dan Disagreement Brainly

Here`s an example: Mia: What a boring movie! I wish I could see another movie than this movie. Everyone has their own opinion about something. If someone gives their opinion, there will be people who have similar ideas, so you agree. There are others who have other ideas for disagreeing with the opinions expressed by someone. Andi: Yes, I can only agree. I love this song. Luna: That`s right. Many young people are delighted with the closing ceremony because they see foreign artists like Koreans and Indians. Dian: What a great song! I love hearing it so much.

Wawan: Well, I don`t agree with you. In my opinion, this film is a masterpiece. I love it. Dian: That`s a good song. I really enjoyed hearing this song. Doesn`t he agree with the opinion of a person/group of people? Use the following phrases or phrases. Now, to express your consent or refusal in English, you can use the following sentences. Claire: Hmmm, you`re right, Hans. In a way, the degree is not as entertaining as the kick-off. Unless you`re just focusing on Korean stars….