Data Processing Agreement Security Measures

E. If, at the end of the Cure period, the data importer is unable to remedy non-compliance or cannot remedy the data breach, the data exporter may suspend and/or terminate the relevant portion of the services in accordance with the provisions of the contract without liability of any of the parties (without prejudice to the costs incurred by the data exporter prior to suspension or termination). The data exporter is not required to provide such a notification if it believes that there is a significant risk of harm to the individuals concerned or their personal data. 5.1 DigitalOcean maintains a record of its safety standards. On the customer`s written request, DigitalOcean provides (on a confidential basis) copies of relevant external ISMS certifications, audit summaries and/or other documents that the customer reasonably needs to verify DigitalOcean`s compliance with this authority. DigitalOcean will respond in writing (on a confidential basis) to all requests for appropriate customer information, including responses to security and audit information questionnaires that the customer (acting reasonably) will deem necessary to confirm DigitalOcean`s compliance with this authority, provided that the customer does not exercise this right more than once a year. Measures to ensure that the data collected can be processed separately for a variety of purposes, including: the treatment by a subcontractor is subject to a contract or other legal act under EU or Member State law, which is mandatory for the subcontractor with regard to the person in charge of the treatment and which defines the purpose and duration of the treatment, the nature and purpose of the treatment, the nature of the personal data and the categories of persons concerned, as well as the obligations and rights of the person responsible for the treatment. The term «treatment» appears in this article with a repugnant frequency. In the definitions of the RGPD, the treatment essentially refers to everything you can do with someone`s personal data: collect it, store it, monetize it, destroy it, etc. 1.

The person concerned may have the data exporter apply this clause, clause 4 b) to (i), points 5a) to (e) and (e) and (e) bis (j), paragraph 6, paragraph 1, and (2), clause 7, clause 8, paragraph 2, and clauses 9 to 12 as third beneficiaries.