Draft Rebate Agreement

Select the direct shipping option. This option is used to determine the discount agreement assigned to an order when the order is established. Values are: Check this box if the process of generating credit rebate requests should contain only the discount limits with the status of the booking. CONSIDERING that the state is authorized to enter into agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers to collect additional rebates for Medicaid state members, provided these agreements are approved by the Centers for Medicare – Medicaid Services (CMS); and the fields in this group field display all the discount rules currently available for this discount agreement. This way, you can quickly view a summary of the discount rules associated with the discount agreement. If you select an item or category as position type and quantity as a layer base, enter an item ID or category, and enter a basic discount amount and a discount base. Check the activity protocol for this discount agreement. This page shows the user`s ID and the date of the person who entered, modified and approved the discount agreement. Select the frequency of clearing discount agreements.

The calendar IDs you manage on the Order page – setting calendars are used for billing frequency. The billing frequency can be annual. B, quarterly, monthly, etc. Click here to access the Discount – Supplier Sites page. Use this page to specify certain vendor sites where the discount agreement ID can be used when purchasing an order. This field is displayed by default on the User Settings – Supply: Discount Privileges page. If you set a discount agreement, the initial default is either open or approved. Set ChartField distributions for each discount rule.

Define the order units eligible for the discount agreement. This page is available if the discount agreement is not listed as an enterprise agreement. Turn on this box if you only want to include description items for the discount agreement. Turn on this checkbox if you want to generate limits if lenders return to deliveries for orders associated with the discount agreement. The limits for RTV transactions have a negative discount amount. Enter the terms of the discount in the «Discount Levels» group field using the fields. Click here to access the Activity Discount page, where you can view and update activities associated with the discount. You can enter activities and due dates and indicate when these activities have been completed. Click this button to send the vendor contract. The delivery contract must be approved before you can ship it.

When you click the button, the system automatically executes the «Send Discounts – E-Mail» (VRBTDISP) multi-procance command. Use the Discount Agreement – Discount Agreement (VRBT_HDR) page to define the general information about the discount agreement for the discount agreement. Activate this box if the discount agreement is open to all items. If you activate this checkbox, you cannot enter items or categories for the discount agreement on the Discount – Discount Agreement page. Shows the difference between the full advance rebate and the total amount of the right to the rebate agreement (the share of the accumulated rebate that has not yet been claimed). Choose how to calculate the discount for this reduction rule using the discounts calculated that field. The values are the amount and the percentage. Shows the total amount of the order in the currency of the discount agreement. This is the sum of all the amounts of goods per order station assigned to the discount agreement.