Elrc Collective Agreement 4 Of 2018

Arbitrators with sufficient experience in hearings with minor children as witnesses and victims are appointed to deal with these particular cases. Intermediaries are also appointed to assist the child`s victims or witnesses to testify. The principle of fairness in the treatment of hearings is fundamental and this agreement ensures that the rule of law is sacrosanct. The purpose of the agreement is to modify the rehabilitation measures for educators following a suspension of service, as provided for in sections B 8.5.2 and B 8.5.3 of the Personnel Management Measures (PAM). Adv Luvuyo Bono, president of the ELRC, said that it unfortunately becomes serious that educators leave the system to receive their retirement allowance and are then put back into the system tomorrow. A case like this had literally happened. The agreement has therefore tried to deal with all these unfortunate situations.