Stock Transport Scheduling Agreement

For transformations with transfer parts, you have the following additional functions: In this step, you enter the specific data for the intermediation processing as the customer number of the delivery plant, for example.B. A standard STO is a unique document for a single transaction, just like a single order to a supplier. Whenever it is necessary to transfer stocks; a new STO must be created. If you want different behavior for a business-to-business code transfer, please see SAP Note 167795 – Closing with GI qty > GR qty. In the «old» command (ME21), the system only checks availability when you leave the planning screen. These specifications are used when deliveries with transfer plans are made through the SAP component «ENVOI SD», i.e. deliveries against the delivery plan are recorded in the SD shipping system. A STSA is a document that authorizes several transfer releases against it, such as . B a contract.

This type of agreement is useful for frequent relocation requests with a supplier/company. After implementation, the system can establish classifications against the agreement requiring minimal human intervention. Test rule for transfer plans. I mean, is there a way to get rid of the need to manually reload for manufacturing orders? something like a list of automated manufacturing commissions? By default, the delivery indicator (ELIKZ) is automatically placed at the receipt of the product if the amount of GR is the same as the amount of GI. This is the case for intergroup and intragroup transfers. The test rule is specified here, you determine the needs or stocks to check before the transfer. Choose from the Purchase menu the Order Order supplier/delivery plant option known to create. Choose The UB order type and the U item category (relocation). When buying, you can request and monitor a reworker in the following transfer documents: You can request a reshuffle in an order request. To do this, you insert the test rule.

It defines the requirements that must prevail over inter-factory transfer bookings. You have created a transfer order of 100 parts with a tolerance of 10% subcontracting. Can someone help me differentiate transfer orders (STO) and transfer delivery plan (STSA) from SAP`s perspective? In transfer titles, partial delivery and delivery indicators are relevant to items. If you have selected in the customizing the outsourcing tolerance for relocations, the delivery is considered finished for the contract. The remaining quantity is no longer considered a need in the delivery facility. If you change the layout data (for example. B quantity or date) on the planning screen in repositioning accounts (order, order request and delivery plan), the system automatically verifies availability.