Transatlantic Flights Agreement

Each contracting party may, at any time, communicate in writing to the other party its decision to denounce this agreement. This notification is sent simultaneously to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The agreement expires at midnight GMT at the end of the International Air Transport Association `IATA` transport season, valid one year after the written termination date, unless the notice is revoked with the agreement of the contracting parties before the expiry of that period. F. Republic of Finland: Air Services Agreement signed in Helsinki on 29 March 1949; The protocol signed on May 12, 1980; Agreement amending the 1949 agreement and the 1980 Protocol, concluded on June 9, 1995. 3. The parties recognize that cooperation between their respective competition authorities is intended to promote competition in markets and that they have the potential to promote compatible regulatory outcomes and minimize differences in approach to their respective competition reviews of intercarrier agreements. As a result, the contracting parties will continue, as far as possible, to pursue this cooperation taking into account the different competences, competences and procedures of the Schedule 2 authorities. T. Kingdom of Spain: air services agreement signed in Madrid on 20 February 1973; Agreement of February 20, March 31 and April 7, 1987; Changing the Am3. 1973 agreement reached on May 19, 1989; Amendment to the 1973 agreement, concluded on November 27, 1991. Community air carriers have the right to carry passengers and cargo on scheduled or chartered flights for which a civil division, agency or instrumentality (1) receives transport for itself or during the execution of an agreement under which payment is made by the government or payment of the sums provided for use by the government , or (2) to provide transport to a foreign country, international organization or other without reimbursement. and this transport takes place (a) between each point in the United States and any point in a Member State, except for passengers, between points that benefit from a contractual fare of pair of cities, or (b) between two points outside the United States.