Vistex Agreement Tcode

Creating loadback based on partner rolls with appropriate agreements Hello I want to know more about vistex technical developments. Improved responsibility return and purchase. Please help me The load return process would help traders sell their products for a lower value and recover the difference between its purchase cost and the customer`s selling price. This would result in an agreement with the manufacturer to determine the price and billing parameters for the products. The return sent to a particular producer would include only items that are part of the sale and an agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor. Slide 6. If there is no agreement between the parties, the question of retrocessation does not arise at all and therefore there are no retrocessions. The «Slides 7» return document is not established for Creditor 2 and Kreditor 3, as no agreement has been reached for these billing positions. Chargeback is a claimed amount that a manufacturer pays by mutual agreement to a distributor for the goods/services it has sold. The refund process takes place only with one manufacturer if there is a valid agreement between the parties regarding at least one item in the source document. The lifecycle of the loadback does not depend on the source document once the loadback agreement has been established. Hello There, What are the tables save the protocol for amending the agreement to Vistex. I am trying to draw data for 01/01/2017 all the changes made to the existing agreements.

Thank you Jithin. The page was written by Soumi and not by Soumya. 🙂 .. She`s an expert at Vistex Technical. Any custom Z program created by the Vistex team, we can edit it directly by editing it. Document flow for Chargeback/IRM/GVPFM accounting document is for Vistex modules to maintain requirements and formulas, you have written incorrect transaction you must write /IRM/GvofM General Sales Information (Sales Org., Distr. Channel, Div., Corporate Code, etc.). For discount/MRI/IPCRM: View discounts on user settings/MRI/IPCRASP: Sales Rebate Agreements/IRM/IPCRCIP: Individual/MRI/IPCRCCP: SR: Composite IP Collective Process If you`d like to receive updates on our new optimizations and tips, sign up. Chargeback and account statement pricing procedure (can be used to adjust bookings, accumulate discounts, book on specific accounts, etc.) Name BADI for chargeback /MRI/BADI_IPCB_ALL /RM/BADI_IPCB_IDOC Product prices for the distributor (price and selling price).

For contract (staging) /MRI/PCMS: For addition/editing/posting contracts/MRI/PCSGMBLK: Add/Add/Edi/Display and Block . . Web portal for manufacturers to enter load responses into your SAP system. . Basic material information (quantity, price, currency, unit). The information derived from these source documents is: do you have anything to add? Don`t hesitate to email us at or leave it in our comments section. We are pleased to update/record our contribution. Discount/MRI/IPCRASP, /IRM/IPCRHDR, /MRI/IPCRITM, /IRM/IPCRPART, /IRM/IPCRSCPD, /IRM/IPCRSPTD, /IRM/IPCRVSP, KONA Flow of documents, including backreservations, SD documents and contracts. . Track recovery requested and paidThe amounts separately /MRI/GVOFM are intended for Vistex modules in order to maintain requirements and formulas . . Hello, Delevoping to Vistex, but is quite difficult to find any documentation on the web…

in particular, I try to display a field of customers in master chords (tx: /irm/ipcrasp) in additional data1 or additional data 2, I fight against improvement /MRI/CRS, but at the moment I have a result… Any suggestions, please? Complete loadback-Workbench integration (all the display and processing of documents can be done without leaving the Workbench).