Wii User Agreement

Before allowing your children to use the Nintendo DSi, we strongly advise you to inform them of the importance of not sharing personally identifiable information about themselves with strangers. In particular, we advise you to tell your children that they should not use personal data for their Nintendo DSi username, in-game nicknames or communication with other Nintendo DSi users via Nintendo DSi wireless communication features. Wii Messaging Service: If you connect to the Wii network service, we`ll provide you with an automatically generated Wii message address. Your Wii email address is anonymous and will remain so, unless you want to share it (a) with others to send Wii messages; (b) share it with other people so they can add your Wii console to their friends list in the game; or (c) link your Wii-Shop account to your Club Nintendo account. You can choose, via our parental control feature, if you want to allow the use of the Wii information service on your Wii console. If you don`t use the Wii messaging service, you won`t receive third-party emails. You can also choose not to receive certain Nintendo messages by choosing the «Opt-out» option on Wii channels or by using the opt-out option contained in Nintendo`s commercial messages sent to your Wii message address. However, you can continue to receive messages from members of your household on your wii-infoboard, as well as messages from us about transactions or services you have specifically requested; In response to an email you sent us; To inform you of updates or changes to our policies and procedures; or provide you with other information that is important to all Wii users. Online features of games or other apps that allow you to play online with other users or participate in online leaderboards are part of the Nintendo Network.

If you decide to use such features, your username, your game status and other game and ranking data, the name and appearance of a Mii character you represent on Nintendo Network, Country and/or game avatar, will be shared with other users so you can play online with others and participate in online leaderboards. The legal basis for this treatment is the provision of the service you wish (Article 6, paragraph 1, b) of the RGPD). If part of this agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that part will no longer apply to the parties and will be replaced by an enforceable provision most consistent with the parties` original intent, but all other parts of the agreement will remain in force unless otherwise stated in this agreement. If Section 6 is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the parties accept all claims under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in King County, Washington, USA. You can use a Nintendo device without providing us with your data; However, some features and applications may not be available to you. You can disable the collection of certain information by not using our services. You can also disable certain types of data collection through your nintendo settings, parental security or other opt-out mechanisms that we make available to you. Some aggregated technical information about your Nintendo device can continue to be recorded automatically when you or any other user of your device connects to the Internet.